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atengine written Curtis Autery

December 21, 2002

atengine version 0.2 posted today. Fixes lots of bugs, fleshes out install engine, adds photo journal, cgi counter, and calendar.

November 28, 2002

Version 0.1c is now available. Finished work on a basic photo album creator, and added a quick hack CGI counter dependant on Image Magick. Cleaned up how home/index works in at.cgi, fixed a few bugs in getpass.cgi.

November 23, 2002

Version 0.1b is now available. This build allows CGI scripts and content files to be separated, and to be placed in locations other than Apache's DocumentRoot. A simple perl installer is included which prompts for directories and directory aliases before copying files into place. Also, separation of journal and user functions is now more clear in the code.

With that out of the way, I can finally get back to work on the Calendar engine and photo content tool.

November 15, 2002

Naturally I found a bug about an hour and a half after I published the first release. Strangely, it is a bug that only effects Internet Explorer. It has been my experience as an ex-IE-only web developer that all the cross compatibility problems came from trying to make a page Netscape/Mozilla friendly. It was refreshing to see a problem with IE that Mozilla was cool with.

0.2 will correct the problem, but if you want to fix it yourself now, it is in the index.txt file. There are a series of <br> lines followed by a </div> tag. I forgot to put in a </span> tag. As a result, everything after the </div> tag fails to display in IE.

On top of that, my README file looks like it was written by a 13 year old in some places, or perhaps by someone too in a hurry to get a release out to do proper proofreading. In my case, it was the latter.

November 14, 2002

Release 0.1 posted today. After a little tweaking, I was able to get atengine to run this sourceforge page, which is a good feeling. Now I know this project isn't a complete waste of time.

Hopefully 0.2 will be out by the end of the month, fixing a few bugs and including the Calendar and Photo album engines. Logo